Gautam Buddha Jagriti Society

Gautam Budh Jagruti Society is a non-profit philanthropic organization whose aim is to bring sustainable smile on the faces of the suffering, needy, poor, calamity affected, downtrodden and most deprived sections of the society. The organization is working for Northern India focusing on the states of UP, Jharkhand, Bihar & Uttarakhand. The organization works with the spirit of nation building along with the establishment of an egalitarian society, eradication of poverty free from disparity, discrimination of religion, caste, creed, gender etc.  The organization originated in the year 1993 in Siddharth Nagar, the birth place of Lord Buddha. Gautam Buddha Jagruti Samiti was formed after being inspired by the ideals of Lord Gautam Buddha who took birth on the land of Siddharth Nagar and preached peace, non-violence and compassion to the whole world for sustainable development. The formal registration of the Society took place in the year 1996 under the Indian Societies Registration Act 1860. The organization has directly reached out to nearly 1 million families over 3 decades through various program interventions.  

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Mr. Shridhar Pandey

Secretary & CEO

Mr. Ved Prakash Jaiswal

Vice President

Mr. Shridhar Pandey